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My story so far...

My horticultural journey is just beginning.

Plant Passion

My love of horticulture grew after starting an allotment 6 years ago at the school where I used to teach. I have always enjoyed nature and wildlife, but wanted to explore the possibilities that learning outdoors could have. After teaching in the classroom for 14 years (at that point) I had no idea of the impact gardening would have on my students. It has been simply magical to watch. I have witnessed first hand the positive impact nurturing a garden can have, and not just on a personal level! Everyone should garden - it is SO good for you!

Gardening after a day in work was simply not enough, so three years ago I enrolled on a horticultural course with the Royal Horticultural Society at Ness Gardens, I have taken floral design classes and I'm using my teaching skills to hold workshops so that others can enjoy plants and flowers regardless of whether they have a garden or not.

An opportunity arose to hold my own planting workshops at Make in Liverpool and an idea for Emma's Wild Garden grew from there, I finally had a creative outlet for my plant passion and I could share it with others.

As well as providing workshops, I have been creating my own terrariums as gifts and then to sell.

Gardening doesn't have to involve wearing wellies - although I love my bumblebee pair - it can be done whatever the weather and using beautiful glassware and stylish planters for any room in your home.